Bluing and Refinishing Photo Album

Below are a few examples of our firearms metal and wood refinish work

(Note, some of the images may have been taken while the work was still in progress!)

Colt Police Positive

A Colt Police Positive Revolver which we re-blued.  When an owner brings in a collectable piece for refinishing, we make sure they realize that refinishing it will greatly devalue the gun.  More often than not the owner has sentimental value in the firearm and wants it to look like or near new again for heirloom purposes.  This revolver was no different.

Cold Police Positive Album

152 and Dads Signs 047
Mossberg Model 152

The above Mossberg 152 was refinished as a graduation present.  The gun looked as if it had been stored in a barn loft for about 100 years.  We replace any questionable parts and test fire all firearms brought to us for refinishing, all those we can find suitable ammo for that is…..

Mossberg 152 Album

Walther Slide

The Walther Slide above was re-blued due to damage to the original finish.  Note the Nitre Blued Safety and repainted safety position indicator

Walther Slide Album

DSC_0443 - Copy
Remington Model 11

The Remington Model 11 above was re-blued, If screws are damaged we will either replace or repair if correct replacements are unavailable.  The wood was left untouched at owner request.

Remington Model 11 Album

Winchester Model 62

The Winchester Model 62 above was completely refinished.  New furniture, metal finish and jeweling on the sides of the hammer.

Winchester Model 62 Album

Winchester Model 12

The Winchester Model 12 above was fully refinished.

Winchester Model 12 Album