I have abandoned any and all attempts at predicting a reopening for the shop.  Sales are still trickling in but gunsmith work is on hold until the renovation is complete.  As it stands, I believe I can wrap this project up in a month at least and no more that 2.  That means, early July to early August.  NO PROMISE!

We are powering up the machine tools, building new work stations and sweeping saw dust up now.  All of which takes time when the the sole framer, fabricator, machine tech and gunsmith is the one also sweeping saw dust, staining trim, painting walls and answering email….

I appreciate your patience…


Attention all Annis Arms Customers.  Its time to make some changes round here!

Yes, MANY!

Dale Annis is retiring from active duty military service after 26 years of combined service between the USMC, USMCR, traditional National Guard and the Active Guard and Reserve program.  Ergo, Annis Arms LLC will be transitioning to a full time operation in the year 2020.

As such, we have stopped accepting new work at present.  The goal is to finish what work we have in house in preparation for renovating the shop.  Complete with a small firearms/gunsmithing museum display, shorter lead times on custom work, more retail sales, and you guessed it designated walk in hours.

Our focus will be on custom gunsmithing, with a little bit of retail, not the other way around.

So, thanks to all who visit the site, and frequent our shop.  Great things are on the horizon……