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Contact info updates:

Due to the excessive number of robot-calls received on the business phone our voicemail fills almost weekly making missed calls and missed voicemail a regular occurrence.

If you wish to contact us, please email me at robert.annis@annisarms.com

In your email state your name, contact number and a summary of your question and I will reply via phone call.

Unfortunately this is the only method we have to improve communications due to the mass of phone calls & voicemails from the robot-callers.

Our website is a continued work in progress.  We are a small family run business therefore website development is additional duty for us.  Please be patient…..

Feel free to browse around our website while under construction.

Latest additions here:

NGADE 1911 Raffle

Bluing and Refinishing Photo Album

1911 Photo Album


6 thoughts on “Home Page

    1. Yes we are accepting now. Send us an email with your contact info, (annisarms@comcast.net), and we will call you to talk over what you are looking for. Thanks for your interest, Dale


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