Home Page: Current Hours By Appointment Only

We are open: current hours are by appointment only. We will be offering limited walk in hours once the retail side is ready.

If you want to visit call: 302-853-0584. We will be glad to set aside a time for you.


We have ammo of various calibers in stock.

We have handguns of various makes and models in stock.

New content on a cool project:


After much discussion amongst ourselves, we have picked 1 November 2022 as our official re-open date.

Due to an up coming trip to Bob Marvel’s shop it was decided to push the opening date to 1 November in order to facilitate a good open house. SO without much fanfare at present, but once the date is solidified in the coming weeks we will begin advertising more aggressively.

We are steadily moving foreword on the completion of the shop. The goal is still the end of August but it is literally week by week at this stage. It could be pushed into September but all efforts are being done to prevent anything beyond the end of Aug of this year.

Going to go out on a limb here and state that I believe we will be back up and operational before the end of August (yes, this year) and possibly July.  To my customers who have stuck by me through this transition, thank you!  I refused to cut corners on my shop as I refuse to cut corners on my guns.  As soon as we are taking in work, I plan to develop several additional offerings to our usual custom and refinish services.  Most significant is true color case hardening, not the chemical short cut but actual color case services.  We have all the equipment and material and have numerous successes under our belt but I’m still not comfortable applying this process to some one else’s firearm.  That will change in the next few months.

Another service in the works is engraving.  Typically it takes years to develop this skill, and this is no different.  As time progresses we will know more about this offering.

I believe color case hardening may be available in about 6 months.  Engraving, well that is yet to be determined.

We will still be offering custom 1911 pistol builds, precision bolt action rifle builds, and professional firearms restoration services.

We will update on re-opening as a date can be better solidified.  Until then, I’m sweeping saw dust and cleaning paint brushes instead of metal chips and cutting tools as I prefer.


Shop renovations continue, COVID and Material costs have caused us a lot of delays but we are rounding out the exterior work and need to refine some interior items and machine tool renovations.  In the next month we should be able to predict a grand reopening date, starting to look like early fall possibly September timeframe but don’t quote me on that.  We will have several retail offerings at that time, such as ammo and firearms, as well as possibly representation from DSSA as well as DGR on one or more days.  Stay tuned as we get closer to the end of August.


We have a shipment of ammo and handguns expected in the coming days.  Although we are not accepting gunsmith work and the shop is in COMPLETE disarray, we are still offering some limited sales to off-set the cost of not doing any gunsmith work right now.  We will post a new link to what we have for sale on this page once our shipment arrives and are ready to list.  Stay tuned.

Shop renovation is underway.  Don’t have a solid reopen date yet but will try and post regular announcements once we have a better idea for when we can begin accepting work again.


We are working on an article for publication in American Gunsmith Journal which details Bob Marvel’s Class in Nebraska.  Once published we will notify here.

Likewise, we plan to publish a method in American Gunsmith Journal regarding the use of data logging accelerameters for the diagnosis of pistols.  More to follow. Dale

We continually work through the data as our function testing diagnostic system develops, therefore once our process is complete we will give more details.  Until then, we work on perfecting our knowledge and expand the platforms we are diagnosing with our method.



We are doing everything in our ability to keep up with contacts, however, we need your help! PLEASE DON’T CALL!  EMAIL US

Many Thanks to Ed and Elliot at JEM Guns LLC.  Paid the factory a visit today and they were very hospitable.  Check them out at:


NEWS FLASH!:  Annis Arms is developing a procedure for evaluating Automatic pistol function via attached digital data logging sensors.  We have several studies underway which will allow us to test the viability to evaluate several current and past 1911 pistol modifications which may (or may not) have a direct effect on feeding/reliability….  More to follow on this major undertaking.

Major news flash:  My mentor Bob Marvel is setting up a 1911 course in his home state of Nebraska.  Anyone interested, who missed the opportunities in North Carolina is encouraged to enroll now.

Its a great opportunity for those who wish to learn the way from a master…..


Contact info updates:

Due to the excessive number of robot-calls received on the business phone our voicemail fills almost weekly making missed calls and missed voicemail a regular occurrence.

If you wish to contact us, please email me at robert.annis@annisarms.com

In your email state your name, contact number and a summary of your question and I will reply via phone call.

Unfortunately this is the only method we have to improve communications due to the mass of phone calls & voicemails from the robot-callers.

Our website is a continued work in progress.  We are a small family run business therefore website development is additional duty for us.  Please be patient…..

Feel free to browse around our website while under construction.

Latest additions here:

NGADE 1911 Raffle

Bluing and Refinishing Photo Album

1911 Photo Album

6 thoughts on “Home Page: Current Hours By Appointment Only

    1. Yes we are accepting now. Send us an email with your contact info, (annisarms@comcast.net), and we will call you to talk over what you are looking for. Thanks for your interest, Dale


  1. Hi Dale we have been trying to reach you but cannot get thru. would you please call warren or contact us by email


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